7 Day Challenge: Day 3

7 Day Challenge: Day 3

Today’s challenge was to come up with a morning routine. Since I am a working mommy, my morning routine requires me to be out of the house before anyone wakes up. I have a job that I have to be at by a certain time so I can’t really change it.

In order to challenge myself I decided to work on an afternoon routine. Five things I would like to do each day is make dinner, plan out lunch for following day, lay clothes out, put away laundry (does this job ever end?!) and unload dishwasher and reload it.

I will commit to doing these things every evening. I know it will make my day move much smoother. If I stick to doing it for 3 weeks then it will become a habit and I won’t feel like I am trying to get it done.

I will make sure that I get enough sleep (I always go to bed allowing myself about 7 hours of sleep). I can’t always get a full night of sleep as I have little ones that are teething or having nightmares, or need to be tucked in…oh and get this, one night my daughter needed to change her PJ’s (you don’t need to wake me for that, go ahead and do what you like as long as you let mommy sleep!)

I encourage you to work on a routine, whether it is morning or afternoon/evening but try to get 5 things that need to get done and make sure that all of them get done!

How are you doing with this challenge?

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