7 day challenge: Day 4

7 day challenge: Day 4

Day 4 challenge

Today we are to come up with things to help us reach our goals that take 15 minutes. I can easily do this.

I am very guilty of getting sucked into social media. I love to check facebook and emails. I should really change to a different email so I don’t get caught up in time waster emails. (but that is a whole different post!)

One of my goals is to plan dates with my husband. I want these to be well thought out. I want to have a cute way of asking him and letting him know what the plan is without revealing everything. So I will take 15 mintues to plan an amazing date.

Since I actually limited Facebook to once a day and only for a short amount of time I was able to find another 15 minutes of time. I was able to go through some of the kids clothes and get them ready for a consignment sale as a way to make money. This will help us get out of debt which is another one of our goals.

I must admit, at first I didn’t think 15 minutes was enough time or that I could truly find that much time. It was a bit eye opening and at first not in a good way as I felt very guilty for spending so much of time on time wasters.

I do, however, like my tv time in the evenings. If I am not doing something or extremely exhausted I enjoy watching an hour of tv. Some may prefer to read, and maybe I should but I enjoy mindless television, please don’t judge! I

How are you doing with the challenges?

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