7 Day Challenge: Day 6

7 Day Challenge: Day 6

Finding an accountability partner.

This one was very easy for me. I have a friend in mind that we chat about freezer cooking, our goals, our struggles. I am not sure what I would do without this friend. I have one at home and some at work.

My home friend/accountability partner is someone I look forward to hearing from. We communicate via Facebook or text or even email. Early this year we shared goals. In fact she is helping me achieve one by putting together a MNO (mom’s night out) in which that will fulfill my one goal of doing something enjoyable for me once a month! She has three kids as well and we share what helps our homes run and what recipes work, in fact she motivates me to get freezer cooking or cleaning. I pray for her at least once if not multiple times a day as she truly is a blessing to me.

I share an office with two amazing ladies that I actually get along with and would love to spend time outside of work with as they hear my struggles and strengths. After all I do spend 40 hours a week with them! They watch me meal plan, coupons, figure out life stuff on my lunch break and keep me going when I am having a bad day.

I even have one other friend that we have started to be accountability partners. She too is a working mom, she is per diem. She works 1-2 days a week but when she does we chat about what we eat for dinner, how we do housework. We share what makes our house run smoother and what doesn’t. She and I click on such a personal level. In fact she will travel over an hour with her kids to come to my kids birthday parties and spend time together!

The Say Goodbye to Survival Mode book will be out in less than a week! In case you missed the link, here it is:

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