A Christmas countdown craft that your kids will love every day

A Christmas countdown craft that your kids will love every day

Every day since the week of Thanksgiving, the girls have been asking how long until Christmas. I was ok with it for the first three times in one day but after that, I realized I was getting short with them. I had to come up with an idea for them that wouldn’t involve asking mom or dad.

My girls are crafters, no doubt about that. They love making things and so we came up with a craft they could do together to count down the days. We took red and green paper and cut out strips, strung them together alternating in color (which they had to figure out), and hung it on the wall in the living room. They got to use scissors and glue and we even were able to practice our counting and reviewing calendars trying figure out how many day we needed to come up with.

We hung it up on ribbon purchased from the dollar store and used clothes pins to attach it. We also have another ribbon above the chain for the Christmas cards we receive. We will use the clothes pins to attach the Christmas cards to that ribbon as well.

Each day they trade off who rips off one of the circles. That way whenever they ask how many days until Christmas they can go over to the chain and count it. It also gives them a visual as they can watch it get smaller with each passing day.

You can go so far as to put a different activity on each strip to do as a family such as drink hot cocoa, Christmas caroling, family movie night, making Christmas cookies, or whatever your family likes to do together.


How do you countdown Christmas at your house?

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