Challenge: Day 2

Challenge: Day 2

I must admit at first I was putting off my to do list until the following day but then realized in this time of my life I need to just let things go. Please note that if you haven’t read Day 1 yet, please do before reading this one!

Today’s challenge for me was to brainstorm my gifts.

I set the timer like the email said and started. At first it was very hard, I mean I know I am good at some things but I tend to be my worst enemy with critiquing how I did something and how it could be done better.

I realized I feel better when taking care of others. Whether it be encouraging them, cooking for them, praying for them or whatever their need is.  I guess that is why I became a nurse. I enjoy taking care of others.

In realizing ways I care for others I realize I love to cook or bake. I love feeding people good food that warms the soul. I enjoy finding out what people like and making sure I can creat a full meal to satisfy anyone.

I did a freezer cooking session for a friend when she had twins. I loved it! I enjoyed planning out all that was needed to make these meals, I enjoyed organizing the meals and printing out the recipes and coming up with a plan. I then enjoyed the work, and man was it work. I was on my feet the whole day but the rewards of seeing how much food I made was well worth it!  I felt so accomplished.  (kind of makes me wonder why I haven’t done another one since!)

How are you doing with the challenge?  There is much more info in the emails about the challenge so I strongly encourage you to sign up so you can get all the info.

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