Medical Mom is off for the week

Medical Mom is off for the week

Get this, Medical Mom herself got sick. So, she is going to take off for the rest of the week as she gets better. I’m not sure where we got it from, but a stomach bug ripped through our house like wildfire. So far, 3 out of the 5 of us have gotten it. Even the dog was puking. Kinda strange, but I guess it could happen, right? I don’t know, I’m not the medical pro in the family.

So, we will discuss how our Christmas went, from my point of view. 😉

Christmas Eve was a hurried blur that was spent getting ready for the next day’s events. Of course we spend Christmas Eve at my mom’s house, eating delicious Italian food. Not that we’re Italian, we just love the food. This year, she made Penne Vodka (my wife’s favorite), and a very filling lasagna. It was yummy, to say the least. After dinner, the kids get to open up the first Christmas gifts. At this point, the kids could tell that Christmas is in full swing.

After dinner, dessert and gifts, we went home around 8:00 pm and put the kids right to sleep. Unfortunately, Hannah didn’t feel like sleeping and kept coming out of her room as we were prepping the presents and final touches. That kid is something else. She knew what was going on–and wanted a glimpse of anything that she could find.

The next morning, we opened up a ton of gifts and ate cinnamon rolls–a tradition in my family for as far back as I can remember. After that time, we would spend the next few hours with my wife’s mother who brought a truckload of gifts for the kids, and the prime rib dinner; as well as my father and step mom who drove up from TN. My dad left about 3 o’clock and we ate shortly after that.

Of course, as always, dinner was delicious. My wife is an amazing cook. In the next few weeks, there will be dozens of recipes put up on the recipe page so be sure to check back often.

Finally, after dinner, we sang happy birthday to Jesus. My wife made a cake for him and it was a good time for fellowship. Of course, we had to explain to the girls why Jesus wasn’t actually there eating the cake, but it made for some good conversation. We reiterated that Christmas isn’t about gifts, but about Jesus. And, that he is the greatest gift of all.

How did you spend your Christmas?


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