My goals for 2014

My goals for 2014

Goals for 2014

I decided to set some goals for 2014. Not resolutions but goals. Some are very hard to obtain and others will be easier.


I want to go on a “date” every month, budget wise we will go out every other month and the other months we can start our date when the kids go to bed.

Write love notes or encouraging messages to my husband, the Bible says it is my job to encourage him and I should be his biggest cheerleader!


I want to go out once a month for either a MNO (moms night out) or coffee with a friend

I want to find time to read 6 books in the upcoming year


I want to have family game night or true quality time evening with all members of the family unplugging (no checking emails, cell phones or anything!)

Take the kids to the library and work on more homeschooling projects


I would like to try to post 4-6 posts a week and have more traffic to my site


I want to spend 20 minutes a day at least with the Lord reading the Bible

I want to be more intentional about my praying, making sure to pray for specific people


We need to get at least $2500 extra toward debt in 6 months

Increase emergency fund and try to save to work on getting me home or working closer to home


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