Say goodbye to survival mode 7 day challenge: Day 1

Say goodbye to survival mode 7 day challenge: Day 1

I was so inspired by this book and when Crystal put up a free way to challenge us to say goodbye to survival mode I was pretty excited. I encourage you to buy the book, but since it isn’t released until January 21 and she has this free opportunity, let’s take the 7 day challenge together. Follow this link: and sign up at the top. Let’s go through this journey together, share stories, and encourage each other to stop living in survival mode.

Day 1: Learning to Say no – today’s challenge.

It is a Saturday (when I wrote this post) and my to do list was long: clean kitchen, do dishes, meal plan for the week, go through coupons, take down Christmas tree, Lowe’s, BJ’s, vacuum kitchen, laundry, clean up dining room and start to work on living room.

After looking at my to-do list I was exhausted…even before I started tackling things! The challenge was to erase three things.

Our family had the stomach bug last week, so nothing got done. The house was way behind on chores, and on New Year’s day when I had off, I had plans of getting ahead when instead I was taking care of my sick kids and husband while trying to rid the house of the germ!

Eliminating things from the to do list was not easy, because all of it needed to be done! I did agree to take this challenge so I crossed off the Christmas tree…after all what’s one more day?! I also decided that a trip to BJ’s was not completely necessary and that I had enough food to put this one off until we needed stuff (instead of wanted stuff).

Wow, crossing things off was liberating, I felt like I could tackle the things on my to do list. Then I got bold…I crossed off TWO more! Meal plan and coupons, no need to do that today. I could easily put those two off. After all, since we were all sick last week nobody felt like eating what we had planned!

Today, I encourage you to sign up and join me in this challenge. What things did you cross off your to do list? Was it easy? Did you find it as freeing as I did? (I wasn’t expecting it to make a huge difference). Please leave me a comment and let me know you are joining me so we can encourage each other!


  1. Lol were we meant to be friends or what?? I too crossed off the tree, after all it wasn’t three kings day yet and valentine’s day is still far off 😉

    It definitely felt good to erase things off, but I did feel some anxiety and needed to allot them to a less busy day.

    • I initially struggled with figuring out when to get what I crossed off done but then realized that if every day I stop worrying so much that things will be better…I thought I needed to go to BJ’s and take the tree down but those things didn’t need to get done. I got used to running around crazy and running in survival mode!


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