Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: A book review

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: A book review

I have been keeping a surprise from you all for a bit! One I am very excited about. A while back, I was one of a few people selected to do a book review for someone that I admire very much. This is what I have to say about it:

Aren’t we all exhausted and can barely keep up with life? Well my friend Crystal Paine, who is a professional blogger, wrote an excellent book. Well she actually has written a few but this one is not even out yet.

I cannot recommend this book enough to my friends and family. I haven’t finished it yet but here is the title: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. The title seems perfect to me because it is exactly where I am in life–Survival Mode.

As a mom of three who works outside the home while trying to start a successful blog, and keep my family fed with healthy foods, I’d say that I am in survival mode. Oh and did I mention my youngest is 14 months old and getting three teeth in as we speak? Just the other day, I had to drive to work on 3 hours of sleep only to come home to chaos and craziness. Some days I feel like I am failing.

One of the major takeaways that I can see from reading the book so far is that I am better able to let go of things, set goals, and even become a more disciplined mom. Funny thing is, I used to think that discipline and accountability were bad things. I didn’t want to be disciplined or held accountable. But Chrystal helped me I realize that it isn’t so bad, and actually helps.

She has poured so much wisdom into the words written in this book that it’s hard not to look at things differently. I kept getting the sense that she’s been in my shoes as we (seemingly) have this conversation (that’s how it feels anyway). The book is an easy read. In fact, I tend to read it when rocking my youngest to sleep. (to keep it real, I don’t find time to read unless it is sitting with a child in my arms as the rest of the time I am just trying to stay afloat!)

Also a mom of three, I have followed her blog for over a year now. She is a wealth of knowledge and as the name of her website implies, Money Saving Mom has also taught me a bunch about saving money while still being able to be an awesome mom.

A while back I read an article on Facebook that claims that moms of three were more stressed out than moms with any other number of kids. And I can say that I get that. But she delivers up some good tips that you would think would be no-brainers. In fact some of her advice is so easy that it causes a “duh” moment in me.  (ex. Clean the bathroom while your kids are bathing!). But, I have to be honest, I’ve never thought of a lot of this stuff.

If your interested in taking a look at this book, it is available for pre-sale on Amazon right now. I have included a link (click on the small picture above) to it. Please keep in mind that if you click through my link I may be compensated if you do purchase it. In the week it was first released for pre-sale it made it up to at least number two (not positive if it made it to number one).

Survival mode is a fact, yet how we deal with it can make us or break us. It’s always a good idea to learn from others: where have they failed? What has worked for them? Will their strategies work for me?

I will close with this thought: My husband (the blogging guru) asked me a question about the book. He said: “you cannot recommend a book on your blog unless you’d actually buy it. So, now that you’re reading the book, would you actually buy it?” Well, I can honestly say that if this book wasn’t given to me, I would buy it, and I recommend you do the same too–especially if you find yourself in survival mode.

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